The only movements worth doing are the one which liberate

Private sessions

Yves Bajulaz alto sax live in Fechy


Focal dystonia of the right hand.

I have been there, experienced the nightmare... the struggles... frustrations... until I slowly discovered the way forward.

Working together with someone knowledgable can save time and help not feel alone.

I am now playing better than ever, in a much more satisfying way.

It would have never happened without this tumultuous journey, experiencing a debilitating case of right hand focal dystonia.

The road was difficult, never less the experience lead me to a place of much greater musical happiness.

As a musician...

Sound exploration  Atonal  Arhythmic  Poly rhythms  Poly meters  Pushing forward

Play and be heard by the whole forrest

Communicate with all lifeforms

From Classical to Noise music, always based on improvisation, communication and sound exploration.

Inspired by life events, from my early days studying clarinet and theory at the Geneva Conservatory, high school in California playing guitar in skate/punk bands, obtaining a music degree at SBCC while studying jazz and blowing the sax, flute & bass clarinet and thousands of concerts, jams, recordings... in nearly all possible genre of music... I keep learning and share all knowledge gathered through the journey.

The instrument as a sound/voice medium, the ears as listening features... the goal - to be able to roam anywhere freely and navigate any soundscape in a receptive/communicative and apropos manner.

Also, I have spent 37 years as a teacher. During those years I also often acted as an "exploring life guide".

Final thoughts

Like a dancer on the instrument, the movement as important as the sound, pure motions leading to pure sounds, in tandem, as a healing force, a way to unite all our senses. How can we separate the sound we produce from the physical activity needed to produce it? We are one being, feeling every movement and every sound to the core of our being, an energy able to transform us from our deepest inner self.

I finally realized that the movement needed to produce the sound is as important as the sound being produced. The sounds become a natural extension of how you dance on the instrument.

Becoming completely detached from controlling the dancers, just watching them move, without any direct interventions, just a witness… and hearing the sound… like its coming from somewhere else, from our depth.

To be in the center, looking in between our hands, down the axis, watching them move on both side, feeling the calm.

All the parasitic movements, glitches, tensions are a window into the state of our core being. At the same time, executing the movements help in re harmonizing our self. The movement shows the trauma, streamlining the movement helps also heal the trauma. Both approach have to be utilized to achieve a complete result.

As we have the ability to mirror others movements, witnessing able bodies move in an unhampered manner helps with our own movements. The brain through the eyes, sees a map, a direction in the middle of all the physical chaos.

Like playing a drum with a mallet, trying to play even strokes, as we go deeper and deeper we observe the more and more minute differences between each stroke, the sound as feedback to the movement. Our awareness slows time down, until we hear each hit as a complete reality, with infinite colors… time standing nearly still.

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