The only movements worth doing are the one which liberate

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Musician's focal dystonia Recovery

The following links (at bottom of this page) are ideas to think about, put into practice and discuss.

All of those following items, I have studied, used in my daily routine on my own self and observed the results.

Some problems and solutions seem to be common to most sufferers.

Spending extra time on a specific approach may work better on an individual, at his personal stage.

All this knowledge has been gathered through years of experiencing musician's focal dystonia and my own healing.

I read all the books I could find, online medical studies, online videos, discussing it with other sufferers, lots of personal experimentation, journaling and video recordings of myself through my years of experiencing it.

I strongly believe that:

- No one has all the answers...

- No one as any magical power or method to instantly cure you...

-Anyone claiming that without their help you will not be cured or will struggle longer is a tyrant...

-You will most likely find your proper method of healing from multiple sources...

-It will take time...

-The journey will be well worth it...


Peel off layers

Instrument size

Liberate the body

Play free

Love your hands

Atonal and arhythmic

Sing the notes you play

Play on a wood stick

Play extremely slow

Find your musical identity

Connecting with body your body map

Axis of symmetry

Focus on a point

All in the shoulder

Don't waste time

Final thoughts